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California’s Prop 8

Normally I try to avoid the whole subject of gays and same-sex marriage.  I definitely have an opinion on it, but it’s one of those things that’s just not worth arguing about. You’re not going to convince or convert anyone over to your side, so what’s the point? Spend your time and efforts in other areas, like electing conservatives to Congress to try and save our country from Marxism.

However, the California Prop 8 case is in the news, and so many people are commenting on it that I thought I’d line out my views on the matter. Here goes.

As a Catholic, and a pretty conservative one at that, I believe that homosexuality is against God’s will. However, ALSO as a Catholic, I am not crusading against homosexuals in my neighborhood. I’m not trying to run them out of town, and I’m not trying to convince them of the error of their ways. That’s their problem.

I feel that the big reason many Christians have a problem with same-sex marriage is that to us, marriage isn’t just a civil contract. It’s one of our sacraments, given to us by God to follow. It’s a holy rite at which we are blessed by God. For a same-sex couple to become “married” is an affront to our beliefs, since someone who is with sin should not be receiving sacraments until he repents.

So where does this leave us? Well, I’ve always thought it made sense to allow “civil unions”. Come up with a “civil union” license with is binding for all legal purposes just like a marriage license is.

The problem is, as much as that makes sense to me and many like myself, the idea has never caught on in the pro-same-sex-marriage ranks. They say things like, “we should have the legal right to medical information and visits if our partner is in the hospital”. Yet when someone suggests civil union licenses that would cover all of their complains, the idea is brushed aside. My feeling is that regardless of all their rhetoric, the people pushing the whole idea of same-sex marriage are really focused on one thing, and that’s to force everyone else to accept their lifestyle whether they agree with it or not.

We’re constantly inundated with the gay lifestyle on television, in the movies, and in the news media. Hollywood liberals manage to insert homosexual characters or traits or even outright behavior into almost every show or movie that hits the screen. The goal is to numb us to the point where we’re so used to it that we don’t even notice it anymore.

When that happens, they’ll push their next agenda on us.  I wonder what that will be?

Chris Christie governs as a Catholic

People who know me know that I’m a big Chris Christie fan.  If only he were the Governor of Illinois instead of Pat Quinn, he’d be fixing this state instead of New Jersey.  Got a twin brother we can have, Chris?

Here’s an interesting story at Catholic Online showing how Christie is governing as a Catholic.  Particularly insightful is their discussion of the “principle of subsidiarity” and how Christie’s policies fit that Catholic tenet.

I’d like to add that I was particularly thrilled to hear that Christie cut the state funding of Planned Parenthood in New Jersey.  Catholics and other pro-life individuals should not have to pay for abortions that go so deeply against their beliefs.

Dinner at St. Rose

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

I figure since Aaron put in a plug for the most recent St. Rose activity, I should too.  It’s a great bunch of people and a good cause.  Where else can you get home-cooked food for $6 per person?

The dinner and raffle is tomorrow, Jan 24, so don’t miss it!

See St. Rose’s website here for a description of the dinner and raffles.  If you need a raffle ticket, let me know.

Ug. Holidays are just about over.

We should always find something to give thanks for.  This year I’d like to give thanks that our holidays are fairly well-compressed into a short time period, rather than some previous years where it seems like things are just never quite over.  This year our first present opened was Christmas morning and our last family gathering will be Jan 2.  Thank you, Lord. 

But seriously, I think this time of year is a time to reflect upon what is past and to look towards the future.  We had a couple health scares this year with a few of the kids that, luckily turned out well.  However, they were basically a cold slap-in-the-face reminder that I’ve not thanked the Lord nearly enough for how well we’ve had it.  For the most part, we’ve all been healthy and happy and had plenty of “stuff” to keep us occupied.  Not everyone in this world has had it so easy this year or in years past, and I’m going to try and remember that each and every day of this new year.

Give, but be smart about it

This is a perfect example of why I don’t give money to big charities.  In this case, well-meaning Catholics have had their donations diverted to causes that are in direct opposition to their Christian beliefs.  They blindly write checks and put money in collection envelopes every Sunday, having faith that the money is being sent to where it can really help.  Little did they know some of it was being siphoned off to fund the nightmare called ACORN.  Even worse, if that’s possible, is that it was being done by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

I give locally, to small, specific causes.  My dad’s local VFW group hosts free-will soup dinners and uses their proceeds to offer small scholarships to local students.  Various pancake and sausage breakfasts support local clubs like the Lions, who do similar good deeds within the community.  Fund-raisers for sports clubs and school marching bands help them pay for uniforms and instruments.  Food you donate to food pantries stays in the area, as does clothing donated to the Salvation Army.  Even if you don’t have money to give, maybe you’ve got some free time to visit and read to the elderly.  Big Brother/Sister is always looking for people to give their time.  All of these are ways you can give your time or money and not only KNOW where it’s being spent, but also hopefully get to see the positive effect you’ve had.

MSNBC invoking Jesus?

Good catch by Malkin – MSNBC using religion – Christian religion, not Muslim – to try to influence people…  Isn’t mixing religion with politics against THEIR religion – Liberalism?

What would anyone from MSNBC know about Jesus and his teachings or principles?

Maybe Schultz was talking about an illegal immigrant named Jésus, one of those many new voters the Democrats would like to magically turn into citizens?

Wall of Faith Pictures

I mentioned that I’d try to get some pictures of the Knapheide Wall of Faith that was recently built in Quincy, IL.  It almost rained on me, but I got a few pictures today on my way home.  Check them out in this gallery.

[nggallery id=1]

As best I could tell without walking around the whole thing (the grass was fairly soft still, didn’t want to tear it up), the phrase “One Nation Under God” on the front is the sole wording on the piece, with the exception of the “Knapheide” logo on each far end.  There may have been a plaque somewhere, but I didn’t see one, and to get very close I’d have had to walk through the flowers – so I’m betting there wasn’t one.  Really, based on where it sits and the general layout, it’s not something that’s probably meant to be walked up on, but to be admired from a short distance away when you drive past.

The monument sits on the extreme southwest corner of the Knapheide property that also contains the Knapheide Manufacturing company in Quincy.  The Knapheide facility was built in this location after being flooded out of West Quincy in 1993.  This puts it at the intersection of Illinois Highway 96 (N 24th Street) and Koch’s Lane, on the north side of Quincy.

Wall of Faith built in Quincy, IL

I’d driven past a construction site on the north side of Quincy several times over the last few months, and I kept wondering what they were building.  I could tell the site wasn’t very large, but it was right on the corner of Knapheide’s property.  As the site progressed, it was plain that it would be a series of flagpoles.  I asked around, and no one I talked to knew what it was going to be.

Well, it’s finished, the mystery is over.  The Knapheide family had this monument built on their property as a statement of their God and country.  I’ll try to get some pictures soon so you see the monument, in case you aren’t from the area.