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Some people will buy anything…

H/T to Gizmodo and Geekologie for this gem…

Spike Your Juice

Apparently it’s $10 for 6 packets of what everyone assumes is standard yeast, along with an airlock to let the bottle vent pressure.  2 days later it’s ready to drink, although longer times will increase alcohol content.

Yes, it’s slow, and yes, it probably costs more than just buying some cheap booze, which would probably taste better than this stuff.  It’s still a catchy idea that’s likely to make someone a bunch of money.

I wish I’d thought of it.

Something to ponder….

We all know our colors, right?  We look at the sky and we see blue.  We look at grass in the spring and see green.  But how do we know that we really see blue when we look at the sky?  What if my eyes are really telling my brain that I’m seeing green, but through conditioning since birth I know that when I see that color, it’s called blue?

And the bigger question: Does it really matter as long as I know that when I look at something blue I know it’s called blue?  Does it matter what iterations are happening between my corneas and my thoughts?