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Ashamed in Illinois

Wow, just when you think dirty politics can’t get any worse than our Chicago-run state government, our brain-surgeon of a Governor pulls a dumb-and-dumber move that trumps everything that’s come before.  What kind of dufus, who knows he’s being investigated by the feds, and has been for 4 years, gets on the phone and makes the outrageous statements that Blago has made?  Who in their right mind would implicate themselves like that?

Who indeed, but a Chicago politician who seriously believes that nothing he does can be wrong or be held against him?  To really understand this, you have to see how blatant his violations of laws and ethics are.  He truly believes that he can do no wrong and that he’ll be protected by his connections no matter what happens.

And what’s with the knee-jerk reaction by Obama’s camp?  Why deny something that would be completely normal and reasonable?  I think I’d be surprised if Obama DIDN’T want to have a say in who was picked as his replacement – after all, he was voted for by the people, he should have an interest in making sure his replacement has similar

I’d like to point and yell, “Look, it’s the Democrats, it’s all their fault!”  Sadly, there’s enough Republican history of corruption in Illinois to make that impossible.

The really shameful thing is that we (Illinois as a whole, not me) re-elected this guy as our Governor.  I realize the Republicans didn’t offer up much of an exciting alternative in Topinka, and many still had George Ryan fresh in their minds, but to vote back in Blago?

I suppose if nothing else positive comes of this governor’s time in office, maybe it will help dim the memories of Ryan and help us down-staters swing the balance back a little to the conservative side of things.  If we can’t and the Democrats keep pushing businesses out of the state, there won’t be much left to be proud of.

Obama’s Economic Advisor

I heard on the radio today on my way to work that scientists had succeeded in growing a clone of Karl Marx from his DNA.

In a related story, President-elect Barack Obama announced his appointment of Karl Marx #2 as the leader of his economic task force.  Apparently Obama likes Karl #2’s “fresh new ideas” about how to stimulate the economy.


I wish I’d had a chance to write about this pre-election, but I think it’s still relevant.

There’s a skit comedy show on Fox that I’m sure some have heard of – MadTV.  Similar to Saturday Night Live, there are others that are lesser known.  These shows generally make fun of celebrities – usually ones who kinda seem to be asking for it.  Anyway, at election-time, the focus always turns toward the candidates.  During the primaries, there were some really nasty skits involving Hillary and Obama lookalikes.  Skits that made me cringe.

Like it or not, at primary time, there was a chance that Hillary, Obama, or McCain could each become president.  TV shows meant to embarrass and humiliate someone who could end up being our representative to the world were hardly in the best interest of America.  We as Americans need to show a united front to the world, that we stand with our country.  How can we do that when our enemies can dial up our cable channels and watch American-made TV shows making fun of our own leaders?

I’m a fairly staunch conservative.  I disagree with our new President-elect Obama on just about every idea he’s ever expressed.  But for the next 4 years, he’s the President of our country.  He’s our representative to the world.  We need to be respectful, even in dissent.

Racism in my hometown

I want to share a story with you this evening.

I happened to be at a local bar this weekend.  I was in a group of people that I know, but don’t know really well, so we usually don’t get into discussions about politics or religion or anything else very deep.

Anyway, I realized that one woman in the group was getting irritated at one of the guys because he was texting her jokes that she considered racist.  I volunteered to make the call whether the jokes were truly racist.  Why?  Well, partly because I like to be annoying, but mainly to try and make a point to the jokester.

I started out by giving the guy some advice.  “Imagine that everyone on that side of the bar is black (or African American).  If you’re whispering the jokes to me, most likely you know yourself that they are racist.”  The jokester came back with something I’d heard before, “I tell my black friends these jokes and they all laugh, so I can’t be a racist.”.

Well, needless to say, he let fly with about 10 jokes in a row, all centered around our new President-elect.  Several involved laziness stereotypes, a few even mentioned lynching or swinging from trees.  How this guy could possibly think his jokes were funny or non-racist, I can’t imagine.  Yeah, he’s not a sheet-wearing cross-burner…  he’s just a guy telling jokes that make a group of people feel like they aren’t wanted and don’t belong.  Wait- isn’t that pretty close to the same thing?


There’s been a slug of phishing emails since the election, trying to sucker us into going to a web site that will undoubtedly do something really nasty to our computers, or will give us a form to fill out to help someone steal our identity.

The text of the emails is actually pretty funny, as they seem to generally revolve around Obama being impeached even before he takes office, and about how McCain is taking over.  Good for a chuckle – I have no idea if 1) a President-elect who has not been sworn into office can be impeached, 2) what would happen if the President-elect were convicted and imprisoned before swearing-in.  Maybe I’ll look that up and report back on it.  Even though I don’t know of any reason why it would happen, it’s an interesting theoretical question.

Mandates for change

One thing I’ve always found interesting about elections is that regardless of the level of office, tally of votes, electoral college count, whatever, the winner claims a mandate for change whereby they are going to do all these things to turn the country around.  It was doomed before, I won, I have a mandate for change, and I’m going to change all sorts of stuff to bring us back from the precipice.

In 2000, there was a change in the White House from Democrat to Republican.  Bush won the electoral college, yes, but the general election was virtually a draw.  Did Bush have some huge landslide, some indication that the country asking to be saved from a horrible Democrat fate created by Clinton?

The last switch of party, in 1992, had Clinton winning the popular vote with 43%.  Wow, hardly a indication of the populace running from the failed Republican policies hoping to be saved by the Dems.

Overall, probably the biggest % vote that caused a shift in party control of the White House in the last 50 years would have been Reagan in 1980 with about a 10% lead over Carter .  The last time before that would have been Eisenhower in 1952 with a 10% lead.

So what does all this tell me?  It tells me that for the most part, we the people don’t want a bunch of change.  We pretty much like the status quo.  When things start to get a little unpleasant for some of us, we swing our votes in the other direction.  We’re steering the United States down the center of a road, and if we start drifting too much, we don’t crank the wheel hard, we make a minor adjustment to bring it back to center.

So, President Obama, be cautious over the next 2 and 4 years.  Keep the car in the center of the road.  Preserve the status quo.  If you nudge the car too far to the left side of the road, the people will nudge it back at the next election.


What can I say?  I can’t say I’m surprised, because I’m not.

Oh well, brace yourselves for the next 2 years, at least, and hope the libs don’t screw things up too bad.  If the analysts are right, we should expect a foreign-policy test of the new president shortly after he swears in.  Hope there’s some nuts under the fluff.


Aaron paints such a rosy picture.

I like to think positive.  I didn’t get to vote until after work, so my number was 1228.  1228!  If I hadn’t voted, I wouldn’t have had a chance at cancelling out at least one dufus voter in this election who didn’t bother to learn about the issues and probably couldn’t spell or pronounce the names on the ballot anyway.

It IS a little disheartening to be an Illinois voter though.  We downstate are pretty much at the mercy of the Chicago masses that churn out one corrupt politician after another.

So now we watch the news and wait.

Political humor

Anyone who knows me for very long knows I’m a conservative and proud of it.  Someone sent me this cartoon today that explains in such an clear way how income redistribution (Obama calls it spreading the wealth) works.

This cartoon happens to be by Gary McCoy with Cagle Cartoons.  Make sure you check our their site for more cartoon fun.

How are you going to vote?

Check out this video at  It says better that I ever could how important it is to think about the issues that are at the heart of our lives, and then vote for the candidates that are the most likely to agree with you on those issues.

Think for yourselves, don’t get caught up in how others want you to vote or what the news media wants you to think.  Spend a few minutes thinking about how you feel about abortion, immigration, taxes, social programs, foreign policy, gay marraige, etc…  If you can’t put forth the effort to really think about why you are voting and who you are voting for, stay home.