Political humor

Anyone who knows me for very long knows I’m a conservative and proud of it.  Someone sent me this cartoon today that explains in such an clear way how income redistribution (Obama calls it spreading the wealth) works.

This cartoon happens to be by Gary McCoy with Cagle Cartoons.  Make sure you check our their site for more cartoon fun.

Corner Gas

If you get WGN on your cable or satellite, try out Corner Gas.  It’s one of those rare comedies that are fun, interesting, different, and NOT packed full of sexual innuendo or toilet humor.  It’s a show you can watch without worrying about what the kids are hearing or seeing.

Most of the episodes revolve around things like the local misfit trying to fake crop circles, filling up of the one town pothole – good clean fun.


I’ve seen a few episodes of Fringe now, and I’m not sure if I’m a fan – jury’s still out.  I haven’t figured out yet why Walter seems to alternate between brilliant scientist and child-like loon.

It’s kind of got an X-files thing going, which I like, and sci-fi mystery, which is good, but the acting of the female agent seems a little dead to me.  Yeah, she’s kinda hot, but it’s hard to beat Scully.

The flu rages on…

There’s nothing like being woken up in the early morning by a sick kid.  And then another one.  And then another one.  Then the fourth later in the morning.  The kids start getting better later in the day and mom starts getting worse.  The last kid and myself have our fingers crossed that we survive.


Here’s one of the coolest sites that I like to visit: http://cellar.org/iotd.php.  Some of the strangest pictures you’ve ever seen.

Today’s been a rough one.  Temps dropped off quite a bit, the wind’s been picking up, and it’s overall just gloomy.  It’s that time of year when we leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark.

How are you going to vote?

Check out this video at CatholicVote.com.  It says better that I ever could how important it is to think about the issues that are at the heart of our lives, and then vote for the candidates that are the most likely to agree with you on those issues.

Think for yourselves, don’t get caught up in how others want you to vote or what the news media wants you to think.  Spend a few minutes thinking about how you feel about abortion, immigration, taxes, social programs, foreign policy, gay marraige, etc…  If you can’t put forth the effort to really think about why you are voting and who you are voting for, stay home.

Sometimes oldies were goodies

Noticed Aaron’s post recently about some old Apollo DomainOS workstations.  If I remember right, Apollo was purchased by Hewlett Packard before the HPUX OS was created.  Without researching it, I’d say this would have been somewhere in the late 80’s to early 90’s.

Anyway, the DomainOS system had something interesting – a distributed file system.  File systems could be cross-linked between different workstations back and forth.  Changing directory to // and doing an ls would show all workstations in the group.

I’d have to say it was ahead of it’s time, as the next thing to come down the pipe was NFS.  Anyone who had much experience at the time with NFS and cross-mounting between workstations has probably seen what could happen to single-threaded NFS processes when something caused a hiccup on the network.   NFS timeouts would roll through the network, and if it got bad enough, local hard drives would even stop responding.  There were a few instances in the network I was familiar with where all the HPUX workstations had to be shut down and started back up in a certain sequence to break the NFS timeout loops.  IT guys coming from DomainOS with it’s distributed file system soon learned the hard way about centralized file storage and the no-no of having a NFS client also be a NFS server.

Friday – at last…

Tonight I’ve added some links to some other sites from around the area.  Most are new sites still looking to take off.

I want to put an offer out there to any “Baughers”, I can set you up with a forwarding account from name@thebaughers.com to your regular email account, if you’re interested.  For instance, I have jason@thebaughers.com as well as other personalized email addresses all forwarded to a single real email box where I manage my spam all in one spot.


Welcome to my new site/blog.  No agenda here other than to try to mention any major happenings of the extended Baugher family in this country, as well as comment on anything else that seems interesting to me.

The first link I’ve added is to my wife’s sewing business.  Check out her website for homemade personalized gifts.

I think, therefore I am. At least I think I am.